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We’re all about the feels.

Anna Delores Photography prioritizes authenticity, artistry, and a supportive, compassionate wedding day experience. Your photographer is your wedding day sidekick, and we consider it our job to make you comfy in front of the camera and sort of forget that you’re even having your photo taken in the first place. Weird, right? We’re actually very good at it.

We provide practical guidance in tandem with creative sensibilities for modern, non-traditional romantics in search of a professional yet fun-loving photography team.

You’re looking for a wedding photographer who not only makes you look beautiful in your photos, but also helps you feel like your best self on your wedding day.

Your wedding is a BIG deal, and for all your planning and preparation right now, you’ve already been told over and over that the day will go by faster than you can imagine (it’s true, unfortunately, but that’s where we come in).

We are legit wedding nerds experts!

REAL TALK: we are crazy-good at photographing weddings, and our goal is for you to feel well-cared for, informed, and trusting of your photographers (oh, and have a ton of stress-free fun on your big day!). 

Here are our two biggest priorities while we support you and your partner’s wedding day adventures: 


Your wedding photos aren’t just a visual record of the day; they also enable you to relive the way you felt. The ultimate goal for your final wedding image collection is to transport you back to the anticipation of getting ready, the surreal moment of exchanging vows, and the incomparable joy of partying with all the people you love in one place.


We’re not huge fans of overly-posed, stiff portraits (um, gross) but we will absolutely provide you with gentle, easy-to-follow guidance so that you look your very best while still looking like yourselves (and you know what the heck to do with your hands).

Meet your dream team.

Anna Delores Photography Emily Reiter


lead photographer

I’m currently planning my own wedding, so I’m even more wedding-obsessed than usual! My fiancé and I live just south of Santa Barbara with our menagerie of animals. I’m an avid napper with serious weaknesses for beautiful shoes, modern bohemian style, frozen yogurt, and the city of Paris (where I spent a summer in college).

If you play guilty pleasure Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” on the dance floor at your wedding, I WILL dance like a crazy person. I apologize in advance.


Team photographer

When it comes to your wedding day, I will cry. It might be during your ceremony vows; it might be during your best man’s toast. I’ll also walk backwards down your aisle to make sure I’m capturing all the joy around you while you head for the biggest party of your lives.

I live in Los Angeles with my two incredible children, our teenage puppy Sgt. Pepper, and our cat Raisin. I love watching reruns of “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation,” I read my daily horoscope, and if I only ate sushi for the rest of my life, that would be fine by me.


Team photographer

Your wedding ceremony will be my favorite part of your big day; I love seeing couples scoot a little closer to each other during the vows. It’s always a good reminder of how sweet love is!

When I’m not shooting weddings, I love to catch up on Netflix with my husband and son (and we have a sweet little girl on the way!), or experience the great outdoors; the Eastern Sierras and Joshua Tree are among our favorite travel spots. We love to refresh and take a step back from all the normal routines and task lists.


team photographer

I’m originally from Hawai’i and love to surf, but I’m also happy to take to the California mountains in winter to enjoy snowboarding. I love to travel (my husband, two girls and I particularly enjoy camping) and I am more than a little obsessed with Christmas — I always go ALL OUT with decorations, and at this point I have an annual allowance for buying new ones so I don’t go overboard.

My favorite part of a wedding day is family photo time! It’s usually the most crazy, but I love seeing family dynamics.

Who is “Anna Delores”?

The short answer: Emily’s grandmother + great-grandmother.
Right this way for the full story on our studio’s namesakes!

It’s important to us you know our values.

Anna Delores Photography believes that Black lives matter and that everyone is entitled equal rights, including marriage. We are proud to support the LGBTQIA+ community and thrilled to document and serve all partnerships.